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Artist of the Month
Lisa Hayden

April -  May


Lisa Hayden is an artist creating colorful and textured paintings in an abstract expressionist style. She studied painting at the University of Miami, where the vibrant colors of the warm ocean, palm trees, and pastel houses have had a lasting influence on her art for over 20 years. A creative force in her work is a love of nature and the vision that nature is a perfect representation of abstract expressionism itself. Abstract expressionist style uses the canvas as a whole without a main focal point, and expresses time and feeling through motion and color. The ocean and its colors and fluidity is visible in many of her pieces, whether it's the bright Florida waters or a misty Fall day on Cape Cod. Lisa works in both encaustics and acrylics. Encaustic paint is made from beeswax, damar resin, and pigments and is melted from its solid form for use on wood panels. The paint is then manipulated with heat tools, including hot air blowers and blow torches. Fluid acrylics are a highly pigmented form of acrylics that is mixed with water and pouring medium and used on canvases and art paper.

For more information about Lisa Hayden, visit her website at and find her on instagram @MeltedTheory



All Pieces are available for purchase at any time during the run of the exhibit. Price lists are available for view in the TCAN lobby. Purchased pieces can be picked up at the conclusion of te exhibit'. If you are interested in reserving a piece, please contact the Box Office at (508) 647-0097 during regular box office hours.



Hours: The Gallery is open to the general public during box office hours: 12pm-6pm Tuesday through Friday, and 11am -2pm Saturday. TCAN is closed on Mondays and Sundays except for performances.


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