Auditions will be held at:

The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN)

14 Summer Street, Natick, MA 01760

Auditions will be grouped in 1-hour segments

Saturday, June 3rd /1 to 2pm/ 2:15 to 3:15 / 3:30 to 4:30

Tuesday, June 6th   / 7 to 8pm / 8:15 to 9:15 / 9:30 to 10:30



Wednesday, June 7th, 7 to 9pm

25 Washington Avenue, Room 232

Natick, MA 01760

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Sides will be provided at auditions.

Prepared monologues of 2 minutes or less are welcomed but not required.

To schedule a time slot send your resume and headshot to the Producer, Faye Harrington, (  Please indicate for first 2 choices for date/time.



Rehearsals will begin last week of August or first week of September & will be determined based on cast availability. (Expect two or three weekday evenings plus Sunday rehearsals.)

Rehearsals will be held at 25 Washington Avenue, Room 232, Natick, MA 01760

Tech Week begins Sunday, November 5. If you are cast, you MUST be available for Tech Week and all performances.



November 10,11,16,17,18 at 8 pm

November 12 & 19 at 2 pm



“Well - what shall we hang? The holly or each other?” Henry asks. Welcome to James Goldman’s quick-witted, fast-paced, intelligent, dark comedy. It’s Christmas, 1183. King Henry II and Queen Eleanor are locked in an ongoing battle over which son will inherit the throne. Their three sons, Richard, Geoffrey and John, plot and scheme to achieve their own purposes. King Philip of France has arrived to insist upon the fulfillment of a long-standing agreement between England and France that will marry Alais (Philip’s half-sister and Henry’s mistress) to Richard. Another crazy family holiday gathering! As Eleanor comments, “Well, what family doesn’t have its ups and downs?

Henry II, 50, King of England, married to Eleanor. Though nearing the age when most men of the era will die, Henry is fit, feisty and determined to name his favorite son, John, as his successor as well as guarantee the continuance of the vast kingdom he has amassed.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, 61 and looks nothing like it. She has been a queen of international importance for 46 years, thoroughly capable of holding her own in a man’s world. She can be as calculating as she can be loving, with her sons as well as with Henry, the husband who has kept her imprisoned for 10 years.

Richard Coeur de Lion (Lionheart), 26. has been a famous soldier since his middle teens and is thoroughly at home with power and politics. As he says, “I’m a constant soldier and a sometime poet and I will be King.”

Geoffrey, 25, Count of Brittany is the middle son of the three in this play.  He is quick witted, shrewd, observant and complex - the best brain of a brainy family. Charming but overlooked.  

John, 16. Boyish, often pouty and moody. Easily amused; often confused. Henry’s declared favorite to take over the throne but lacks his brothers’ battle ground and political skills and experiences. Described as “pimply and smelling of compost.”

Philip Capet, 17, King of France, is indeed impressive. His manner is open, direct and simple, and he smiles easily. He has been King for three years and has learned a great deal. He is Alais’ half-brother.

Alais Capet, 23, a French Princess is serenely beautiful and unmistakably in love with Henry. She was betrothed to Richard at age 7, and raised by Henry and Eleanor. Philip’s half-sister. Henry’s mistress. More intelligent, strong and potentially ruthless than the others perceive her to be.