Absolutely Murder presented by TCAN Players

Friday March 2, 2018
$22 public | $20 members

A body - which just won’t stay dead, it seems - is found in a chest in an abandoned gunpowder factory. This has all the elements of the classic “dark-and-stormy-night” mysteries - a young girl and her two rival boyfriends, stranger-than-strange strangers, a mysterious doctor, a murderer, and that corpse that just won’t stay put! Find out which boyfriend Kate decides to marry, who the murderer is, and what happens to the wandering corpse!

Written by Guernsey LePelly
Directed by Jennifer Rich

Kate – Hannah Clifford 
Sky – Bill Del Sesto 
Lane – Lucas Commons-Miller 
Aunty Bess – Shelly Truax 
Mrs. Ranch – Cathy Merlo 
Dr. Hooker - Paul Gillespie 
Lorna – Holly Kapinos
Nan – Alessandra Bono Horton
Dottie – Nancy Rodriguez
Charlie – Scott Salley 
Emmeline – Krystyana Greaves
Cordyce – Laura Steele

The TCAN Players 2017 season is generously sponsored by MutualOne Bank