Billy Cobham’s Crosswinds Project

Saturday March 24, 2018
$50 public | $45 members

Prolific drummer Billy Cobham will perform with his new percussion ensemble, the Crosswinds Project, an effort designed to reflect upon his second recording on Atlantic Records in 1974. He'll be joined by Paul Hanson on bazoon and saxophone, Scott Tibbs on keys, Fareed Haque on guitar, and Tim Landers on bass.

Jazz fusion pioneer Billy Cobham is an internationally renowned drumming virtuoso, percussionist, composer, producer, educator and master clinician whose life has been dedicated to musical exploration and creative expression.

In 2017, Cobham recorded and released a CD with the new Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra, including four time Grammy-winning Klaus Genuit, Master Engineer at Hansa Haus Studios as mixer, with performances by Ryan Quigley, Bobby Watson, Marques Young, Jeremy Monteiro, Rudi Engel, and some gifted members of the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra: Fabian Tschopp, Mathieu Bitz, Felix Piringer, Sofie Schindelholz, Gergő Szax, Dmitry Zinakov, Ivan Akatov, Sebastian Wey, Silvio Benz, Jérémy Lenoir, Riccardo Ooms and Loris Di Marco.