Boston Comics featuring Brad Mastrangelo

Friday October 25, 2019
$20 public | $18 members

Brad Mastrangelo has shared the stage with Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Kevin James, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Burr.  He was also a contributing writer for Jay Leno’s monologue for “The Tonight Show.” He as appeared at “Comics Come Home” the longest-running benefit in the nation with Dennis Leary. One of the most versatile and entertaining comics you will see.  His street smart stories that everyone can relate to will have you thinking you grew up with him.” -The Boston Globe

With over twenty-five years of experience under his belt, and now at the height of his comedic powers, Mike McCarthy hits the stage like a titan and does not relent until the entire audience is under his spell laughing at things they never thought they would. Some comics make you laugh, Mike will make you laugh till you cry. Don’t miss this high energy, balls to the walls comedy experience...

Besides being a comedian, Brian Longwell has an MS in electrical engineering and spent 11 years working for AT&T’s Bell Laboratories. While designing microchips by day, he started working as a professional comedian by night. Brian has worked for years as a professional comedian at venues in the US and has toured the UK. He decided to combine is corporate background with his comedy experience and now gives “presentations” using an old style overhead projector with stick figure drawings tackling humorous topics like “Why Work?”, “How to be Successful” and has presented topical presentations such as “Why Vote?”. His unique talent was recognized at the New York Comedy Festival by his inclusion in the Andy Kaufman competition in which he was a finalist.