Deep C Divers

Saturday September 29, 2018
$20 public | $18 members

"No one knows how to pull off classic rock tunes quite like this band from Boston, and Smile for Better Days serves as a reminder of the good ol’ days when rock ‘n’ roll ruled every stage."

Deep C Divers are a Boston-based original rock band whose melodic hooks finds a genuine appeal to the heart. Their music is a striking blend of alternative and classic rock with elements of funk and reggae sounds tempered with a pop sensibility.

Deep C Divers is currently spinning on 70+ stations nationwide and their music has been licensed by the Discovery Channel, A & E, E!, Nascar, MTV, Netflix and more.

Deep Chinappa is the band's lead singer, songwriter, composer, rhythm guitarist, and occasional percussionist.
Paul Erlich plays lead guitar and is an occasional keyboardist.
Gregg Marcus plays the bass.
John Bordage plays the drums.