Gaelic Storm

Thursday February 21, 2019
$45 public | $40 members

This performance is General Admission - Standing Room Only. 

It’s hard to imagine a band just coming into their own after 20 years of success, but that’s exactly what makes a true anomaly. This multi-national, Celtic juggernaut grows stronger with each live performance, and as you can imagine, after two decades and over 2000 shows, it is a true force to be reckoned with. The band attributes their continued success to their fanatic audience, and it’s a well-diversified crowd for sure. The country-music folks adore the storytelling, the bluegrass-heads love the instrumentals, Celtic fans love their devotion to tradition, and the rockers simply relish the passion they play their instruments with.

Their performances follow in their hard-working tradition, dishing up all of the ingredients fans have come to expect from Gaelic Storm–the drinking songs, sea shanties, furiously strummed instrumentals, and sing-along melodies–while spiking the mix with newer flavors. Eat it up, but make sure to save some room!