Rock Off Main Street

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TCAN's successful Rock Off Main rock music program is an all-ages show that provides a venue for local bands (middle, high school, college, just out of college) to take their eclectic mix of music out of their basements and put it on stage where it belongs, performing for their peers. Shaking the old firehouse for the past 20 years, Rock Off Main features the best pop, emo, punk, ska, hardcore, and indie bands in the Boston area.

Join us for a special 20th Anniversary Celebration - September 24 from Noon - 4pm

Registration: If your band is interested in booking a show at Rock Off Main St. please contact Program Director Diane Young at the email address below. Shows are held once a month. Bands play a 25-minute set. We book bands several months in advance so contact us as soon as possible.

Additional Information: Rock Off Main Street events are usually held once a month on Friday evenings at 7:30pm. Admission is $8. No advance sales, tickets are available at the door.

Questions? Please contact Diane Young, Program Director

ROM is generously supported by Berklee College of Music Summer Programs, and by a grant from the Weston and Needham Cultural Councils, which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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Diane Young - Rock Off Main Street

Diane Young has been a part of TCAN Rock Off Main Street since creating the program in 1999, and helped make it the longest running all-ages teen rock program in New England. During this time, Diane was associate director of the WBCN High School Battle of the Bands. Diane is a 2012 recipient of the Natick Education Foundation's Shining Light Award, and is recognized on the Natick High School Wall of Achievement. In addition to her active service as a community volunteer, Diane is the assistant director for Kids Connect in Natick and provides tutoring there for elementary school aged children. A former elementary school teacher in Lexington, Diane has worked for Simmons College since 1992 as a supervisor for student teachers.