Staff Contacts

David Lavalley
Executive Director and Bookings

508-647-0097 x204
Erin Basile
Theater Operations Manager

508-647-0097 x207
Josh Valentine
Front of House Manager

508-647-0097 x202
Nicola Anderson
Cinema Program Director

508-647-0097 x203
Kerry Fraser
Marketing and Development Coordinator

508-647-0097 x205
Bill Doucette
Facilities Coordinator

508-647-0097 x202
Cheryl Ebeling

508-647-0097 x203

Libby Smelker
Development Associate

508-647-0097 x209
Joe Idzal
Production - House Audio Engineer

508-647-0097 x202
Doreen Pendergast
Patron Services

508-647-0097 x208
Sherry Sandoval
Event Management and FOH

Lauren Komack
Classical Music Programming

Faye Harrington
TCAN Players

Mark Stepakoff
TCAN Folk Open Mic

Diane Young
Rock Off Main Street

Eileen Weber
Community Outreach

Tim LePain
Business Sponsorship