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Artists Exhibiting This Month at TCAN


Jane is the newest member of the Post Road Art Center staff. In addition to having a catering business called Charcuterie for 16 years, Jane worked in Stow, MA as a framer for 12 years. For fun, she loves to golf and garden, and spend time with her dog.  

Acrylic pour painting, or fluid art, is a recently popular method of creating art. Acrylic paint is mixed with a pouring medium, a bit of water, and sometimes other ingredients. This mixture is then literally poured onto a canvas and manipulated by tilting, torching, and other techniques. The interaction of the pigments with each other and the pouring medium, and the movement of the paint create interesting and usually surprising patterns and designs. They are all one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate, because of the nature of the techniques used to create them. All of my paintings have an acrylic non-yellowing finish, and because the sides are painted as well, may be hung as-is or framed.


All Pieces are available for purchase at any time during the run of the exhibit. Price lists are available for view in the TCAN lobby. Purchased pieces can be picked up at the conclusion of the exhibit. If you are interested in reserving a piece, please contact the Box Office at (508) 647-0097 during regular box office hours.



Hours: The Gallery is open to the general public during box office hours: 12pm-4pm Tuesday through Friday, and 12pm -2pm Saturday. TCAN is closed on Mondays and Sundays except for performances.


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