Art Exhibition: Charles Bradley at Frame Shop & Gallery


An exhibition of paintings by Charles Bradley of Medford, Massachusetts opens at The Frame Shop & Gallery in Natick Center this week, on display through July 30. In recent years Mr. Bradley's work has been displayed at the Harvard Art and Craft Fair in Harvard, MA and The World Trade Center in Boston, MA among many other shows and exhibitions.

Artist's Statement

"Our relationship with the Universe has always been a fascinating subject for me.  My paintings attempt to capture the mystery of not only it's infinite nature but also our often misleading assumption we are in some ways insignificant.  In an attempt to "capture" this relationship, I use certain elements in my art to visually "connect" the viewer with some of the greatest questions we have about this "greater" relationship."

"I often incorporate the night sky within paintings to further lead the viewer quite literally into the depth of the mystery itself."

"Additionally, although not immediately apparent, I seek to express a variety of emotions and feelings personal to me (and possibly others) having to do with "wanting" or "clinging" which in Buddhism has much to do with the nature of human suffering.  My paintings often focus on the spiritual aspects of this more in light of yearning or desiring to know God and Love."

"It was not until about 2007 when I began to realize there was something else I was unconsciously conveying in my paintings.  It had much to do with feelings of conflict or chaos within what otherwise might be an ideal or orderly "life" governed by "perfect" Natural Laws.  Often this duality of structure and non-structure can be seen in the literal "collision" of shapes and forms."

"I continue to believe art is often an expression whose origin is rooted in peoples' individual "mysteries." My expressions of this relationship have been a passion of mine, simply because each appears outwardly pleasing to the eye.  My hope is that they also in some greater way may be inwardly pleasing to the soul."

Charles Bradley
May 2015