Jewish Arts Collaborative presents Brighter Ignited

Brighter Ignited, an illuminated and traveling public art installation by artist Tova Speter, is visiting TCAN on December 22 from 7-8pm! Join us as we celebrate Hanukkah together in the glow of this one-of-a-kind exhibit that actively encourages people to engage, connect, and play. This super-sized interactive light display will feature illuminated art designs by hundreds of students and community partners throughout the Greater Boston area who explored cultural connections to light and considered the following question:

When there is something you are passionate about, dedicated to, and ready to stand up for — how do you ignite action?

Inspired by the courage of the Maccabees in the story of Hanukkah, Brighter Ignited activates the light from the community and encourages us to explore how we too can stand up for what we believe in.

Tova Speter is a local artist, art therapist, art educator, and arts consultant based in Needham. All her work is based on her belief that engaging in artmaking is inherently therapeutic and formative. Tova has worked in the intersection of arts and the Jewish experience for the past 20 years, facilitating meaningful Jewish art experiences and working as a consultant helping organizations infuse more arts-based experiences into their programming.

Brighter Ignited is brought to you by the Jewish Arts Collaborative and artist Tova Speter. Visit to learn more.