Rock Off Main features Pavoh RADAR Award winners


Rock Off Main Street is set to host two RADAR Award winning bands, The Cranks and The Meadows Brothers, on July 25th, 2014 at The Center for Arts in Natick. Sponsored by Berklee College of Music and the Weston and Needham Cultural Councils, Rock Off Main Street (ROM) is an opportunity for young bands to practice their craft in a high quality space with professional lighting and a professional sound tech.

Pavoh, Inc. is committed to helping young musicians of all genres, backgrounds and means come together to make their music. Encouraging young people to make the music they love - keeps them in music programs and, studies show, in school. Young people build confidence, self-esteem and community through music and the arts. The RADAR Awards presented by Pavoh and the New England Music Awards recognize outstanding musicians under the age of 21.