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Lucy Kaplansky

Saturday September 28, 2019
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Lucy Kaplansky is a truly gifted performer with a bag full of enchanting songs. - THE NEW YORKER

Blending country, folk and pop styles, she has the unique ability to make every song sound fresh, whether singing her own sweet originals, covering country classics by June Carter Cash and Gram Parsons or singing pop favorites by Lennon/McCartney and Nick Lowe. Lucy’s iconic voice has been featured in film and on television, including commercials like Chevrolet’s iconic “Heartbeat of America” jingle. A Billboard-charting singer and one of the top-selling artists on Red House Records, she has topped the folk and Americana radio charts and has been featured on shows throughout the world from NPR’s Weekend and Morning Editions to BBC Radio to CBS Sunday Morning. One of the most in-demand harmony singers, Lucy has sung on countless records, performing with Suzanne Vega, Bryan Ferry, Nanci Griffith and Shawn Colvin.

Lucy Kaplansky is back after six years with the release of her new album. Everyday Street offers 11 raw and intimate tracks co-written with her husband, Richard Litvin. The album also features musicians such as Duke Levine, Shawn Colvin, and Richard Shindell. While Kaplansky’s beloved natural tone and slight twang are still prevalent on her new album, there’s certainly a fresh feel.

The songs on Everyday Street, co-written with her husband Richard Litvin, weaves stories of joy, friendship, family, loss and discovery. The opening song, "Old Friends," a duet with her long-time friend Shawn Colvin, is a reflection on their friendship and their time together in the early days of the Greenwich Village folk scene. "Keeping Time" with Richard Shindell on harmony, is from her vantage point as a mother sharing her neighborhood's rhythms, albeit from a distance, with the late actor and father of three Philip Seymour Hoffman. "Janie's Waltz" is a about the beauty and grace of an ordinary day. The everyday street of her long-time home, Greenwich Village in New York City, are woven throughout this recording.