Popa Chubby

Friday August 13, 2021
$30 public | $25 members

While Popa Chubby would have preferred spending 2020 touring and celebrating his album “It’s a Mighty Hard Road”, the compilation of  his 30-year career, instead he created “Tinfoil Hat.” Musically, it’s Popa Chubby at his best, a concentrate of blues-rock energy with a touch of romance at times. He made this album all by himself and adds in a reggae track, highlighting his musical eclecticism, far from the blues-rock genre he is used to. It’s birthed from love, desperation, fear, frustration, pain, joy, sorrow, and resolution. “Like you, I have been pushed to the limits of my humanity by the pandemic. But music sweet  music has set me straight once again and I offer this work with humility and devotion to you all.”

New York Blues Rock guitar legend Popa Chubby releases this 27 track, 2 CD set recorded live in France! The offering includes a vast selection of Chubby classics including Over The Rainbow and covers of some great Rolling Stones Standards.

Larger than life blues figure Popa Chubby has a lot of reasons to feel lucky this year. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of his emergence as a powerful force in the venerable New York blues scene with his very own band, and his own unique brand of hard hitting, face melting, blues rock n’ funky soul. And he’ll celebrate this major milestone the only way he knows how, with the release of a smokin’ hot studio album I’m Feelin’ Lucky – coming October 14 on Cleopatra Records – and a series of shows on the West Coast!