Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien

Saturday March 19, 2022
$30 public | $26 members

With a decrease in cases, and much of Massachusetts relaxing COVID restrictions, TCAN has suspended proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement for entry. Masks are still strongly encouraged for all patrons, but are not required.

Like all popular music, jazz is associated with strong personalities. International recognition of French jazz accordionist Vincent Peirani rests on that essential, fundamental quality. His musical charisma, his very distinctive creative skills, his unique approach to his art – all of which are the fruit of a very open, unblinkered attitude – strike the listener immediately.

Vincent Peirani is the pre-eminent virtuoso accordion player in contemporary music. He has completely reinvented the language of the accordion, and his cosmopolitan view of music and color enables him to bring that rare and precious magical touch to everything he does.

Touring with Peirani is saxophonist Émile Parisien, performing music from their new tango-inspired recording Abrazo. The album, which received a four-star review from The Guardian, is full of skill, drama, and joie de vivre.