Rentals at TCAN

Venues in The Center for Arts in Natick are available to rent for your business meeting, private movie screening, fundraiser, a private party, or reception. Our spaces can accommodate anything from a small intimate reception to a live concert performance for 270 ticketed guests.

Explore the options below to see what we offer and to apply to have your event at The Center for Arts in Natick.

Unsure which option to choose? Contact us.

Choose the Type of Event

Host your wedding reception, bar or bat mitzvah, business meeting or other private function at TCAN... Read More

Local nonprofit organizations receive discounted rental rates for public fundraising events at TCAN. Your event may include a movie screening, live music performance or presentation... Read More

Reserve the TCAN Cinema Room for a private movie screening for friends and family. Check with us on available titles, or bring your own Bluray or DVD. Private screenings limited to 20 guests... Read More

Celebrate your child's next birthday at TCAN. Enjoy a children's film or live family show and enjoy a private party afterwards... Read More